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Jurassic Timescale

ICS Approved timescale

The ICS approved timescale as a pdf file: ICS Geological Timescale. Other file formats and versions can be found on the chart/timescale page of the ICS website.

Gradstein et al. (2020) and Timescale Creator

Timescale Creator can be used to generate charts using data in Gradstein et al. (2020).


Gradstein, F. M., Ogg, J.G., Schmitz, Ogg, G.M. (2020) ‘The Geologic Time Scale 2020′, Elsevier, 2 volumes, 1144pp.

Ogg, J.G. Timescale Creator [online] Available at (Accessed 2 February 2021)



At least one newsletter was produced almost every year from when the subcommission started in 1978 until 2010. These newsletters report on research related to the recognition of GSSPs, and any other science relevant to the Jurassic. From 2010 this information has been published in Volumina Jurassica instead.

The ISJS Newsletters that were published from 1978 to 2010 are available for download below. We are particularly grateful to Eckhard Mönnig, Naturkunde-Museum, Coburg, Germany who has spent many hours expertly digitising all of these newsletters.

New contributions: Please send any new material for publication in the year ahead to both the Chair of ISJS and through the manuscript submission route for Volumina Jurassica following the instructions for authors.



International Commission on Stratigraphy

Volumina Jurassica, a geological journal devoted to the publication of original research papers on all aspects of the Jurassic System

Newsletters on Stratigraphy

Jurassic palaeogeography


Jurassic of Russia (includes a rich full-text library of new and old Jurassic literature)

Interdepartmental Stratigraphic Committee of Russia

German Subcommission on Jurassic Stratigraphy

German Commission on Stratigraphy (Deutsche Stratigraphische Kommission DSK

The Jurassic Coast Trust UNESCO World Heritage site

The Geological Society of London Stratigraphy Commission

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International Subcommission on Cretaceous Stratigraphy

International Subcommission on Triassic Stratigraphy


The Paleobiology Database